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The Home Collection is looking for you!

Are you an aspiring artist? Or has your art already been showcased in some of the best high-end galleries in your neighborhood? If you answer these two questions with a resounding “YES”, then The Home Collection wants you! 


We at The Home Collection are looking for incredible artists. As you already know, my love for art isn’t just a hobby, or a business but rather a lifestyle. Art is my passion, as well as all things vintage and mid-century modern. For me, there is nothing more inspiring as artists sharing ideas and working together to get their works out there to the world, for all to enjoy and own. 

So, if you are a sculptor, ceramicist, or any other kind of artist, looking for something new and exciting, we would love to have you showcase your works on our site. 


Many artists dream of having their art in a gallery, which is wonderful. This is also a huge accomplishment or milestone for many artists out there, but did you know that by showcasing your art on an internet platform, you will be able to have people from all over the world admire your work; and buy your art. 


Many galleries also charge steep commissions, some being 50% of the sales price. This means that you could be losing out on a lot of money. We all know how hard you work as an artist. Art is not just a job, but a passion. Your art is a gift to the world, and people should be able to know who you are and enjoy what you have created. Clients can do this by purchasing your creative pieces and showing them off in their homes. 


For me when it comes to art, I always wonder what went on in the artist’s mind when they created a certain piece. How did it feel when they molded the clay in their hands into something beautiful and functional? This is one of the wonders of art. Art moves you to feel certain emotions. It creates a sense of wonder and awe. This is what I would like my clients to enjoy by being able to view and buy certain pieces at The Home Collection.