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  • The Inspirational Life of Marion Perkins

    The Inspirational Life of Marion Perkins

    April 04 2021

    Marion Perkins was a most interesting artist. Not only did he play an essential part in the Chicago Renaissance, which rocked the nation in the 1930s, but he played a significant role politically, getting involved in communist movements trying to change the world for all African-Americans.  Although his life was cut short, Marion made a significant impact in the artistic...

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  • Lois Maliou Jones

    Lois Maliou Jones

    February 05 2021

     During the 1930s and 1940s, Lois Jones was one of the most iconic artists of the time and became widely known while she was living in Paris, France. Lois was an influential artist, designer, and educator during her long career. Having been influenced by the Harlem Renaissance movement and her many overseas travels, her art showcases the colorful and beautiful...

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  • Augusta Savage - A True Inspiration

    Augusta Savage - A True Inspiration

    November 27 2020

    Artist, sculptor, activist, and teacher. These are only some of Augusta Savage’s many titles. In association with the Harlem Renaissance, she worked tirelessly for equal rights for all African-Americans, especially women, in the arts. This woman is a true inspiration for all aspiring artists. Who was this amazing woman? What can we learn from her struggles, not only as an...

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